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By joining EWN, you will get the unique opportunity to participate in regular network lunches, industry and professional specific training programs and conferences at a discounted fee.

Member Benefits

  1. Unique networking opportunities.
  2. Our array of women achievers Inspire you to attain greater heights.
  3. We Empower and Mentor you through our various events tailored for your career and personal development.
  4. We promote and help Support our members businesses and products through our E-fairs and brand visibility programmes.
  5. EWN affords you the Opportunity to attend and participate in events and conferences that empower you.
  6. Opportunities to facilitate, moderate and speak at events and conferences in and outside of EWN will help Harness and Sharpen your Skills and Talents.
  7. As a member, you have access to opportunities and information which Supports your Self-growth and Organisational development.
  8. A unique Opportunity for you to Enjoy Discounts on some EWN selected events and conferences as well as for some member businesses and products.

You have access to a member directory available on our website.

Membership types include,
Member: Must be a head of department/director or above with 10 years work experience.
Associate Member: Must be a manager or above with 3 or more years work experience.

The fees are as follows
• Non-refundable admin fee of GHS 100.
Associate Member Annual fee of GHS 600.
Member Annual fee of GHS 1,000.

Click on the link below to submit an application for membership.

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