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Mother’s Day

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A mother’s legacy
5 Moms, 5 Questions, 5 Legacies
To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Executive Women Network is featuring five wonderful mother s to get their thoughts on how to go beyond today and make lasting impact on their children’s future

What has been the biggest lesson motherhood has taught you?

Emelia Ohene-Kena
MD of Royal Crown Packaging Ltd.

Motherhood has taught me to appreciate my mother even more because I now understand the sacrifices she had to make to raise me. I hope to leave my two children, Nikolia and Mayada a heart filled with JOY, LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR OTHERS.

Motherhood has taught me that people are truly diverse. Same household different people!

Lucy Quist
CEO of Airtel.

Has motherhood impacted you in any way?

Lucy Quist
CEO of Airtel.

I appreciate better how much my own parents shaped me. My children drive my passion to be a business leader who makes a positive difference to the world.

How do you manage your expectations for your child(ren) vis–à–vis their own ambitions?

Freda Duplan
CEO of Nestle Coastal Cluster
Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia

In the quest to guide your children to achieve their ambition be careful not to replace it with your expectations. It is important that we do not kill their passion.

What great advice/life lesson was given to you that you wish to pass on to your children?

Thelma Quaye
Networks Director,
Airtel Ghana

It’s ok to be themselves at all times

Do not to loose focus in one’s goals and to be a good listener and slow to speak

Maame Yaa Roberson
General manager of
Western Express & Logistics Ltd.

What legacy do you wish to leave for your children?

Maame Yaa Roberson
General manager of
Western Express & Logistics Ltd.

My legacy is to show them how to put God first in all they do. Have great love for human beings and treat each person as such

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