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Executive Women Network celebrates first-year anniversary

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Accra, 20th April, 2017 – The Executive Women Network (EWN) has celebrated its first anniversary by recognizing the strides made by professional Ghanaian women leaders.

Speaking to the anniversary theme ‘The Rise of Women Leaders in Ghana’, Mrs. Freda Duplan, a founding member of EWN and Managing Director of Nestle Ghana said, “We are proud of the steps taken, in our first year, to lay down the foundation for exponential growth, influence and milestones in the coming years. Our first-year anniversary celebrates all Ghanaian female leaders and upcoming female leaders.

A shot from last year’s launch event

A shot from last year’s launch event

Launched a year ago, the Executive Women Network has made significant progress in changing the female leadership landscape in Ghana by connecting, empowering and promoting female leaders in private organizations.

According to EWN Executive members, Patience Akyianu, Lucy Quist, Pearl Esua-Mensah, Freda Duplan and Edith Dankwa, EWN continues to implement strategies designed to create increase awareness and visibility of the organisation and its works while executing a robust membership recruitment drive.

“We continue to work on bringing on board more like-minded women executive leaders; we acknowledge that Ghanaian female leaders are changing the landscape. Today we know more women who are leading in business and governance and the many more who have built and are still building businesses from scratch,” they added. The Executive Women Network will be that platform that will accelerate this growth so that gender parity can be taken off Ghana’s to-do list and we can develop this country in equality.”

Through its networking sessions and speaker series, EWN members have received among others, coaching on career advancement, work-life balance, self-promotion and advancement through social media and other self-improvement topics relevant for their growth from some of the finest speakers and business minds in the country.


EWN members present a cheque to SOS Children’s Village

Aside creating platforms for inspiration,empowerment and support, this ambitious group of women has taken up social initiatives by raising GHC 100,000 in support of the SOS Family Strengthening Programme which targets about one hundred children in the Chorkor and Osiem townships.

The organisation has been impressive in their drive to influence policies that will increase female representation in leadership roles in the country. EWN during its recent introductory visit with President Nana Akufo Addo assured him of their commitment and willingness to work with government to drive Ghana’s development agenda and increase female participation in his government.


President Akufo-Addo and members of the Executive Women Network

The Executive Women Network leaders reiterated their commitment to inspiring, empowering and supporting women in Ghana to increase their influence and participation in both local and international activities.





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