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Reginald France

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Reginald N. France, is a Founder/Managing Director of Boulders Advisors Limited (BAL), a specialized consulting firm headquartered in
Ghana, providing a full range of investment banking advisory services to business entities, government and public sector institutions in Africa. BAL is a Licensed Investment Advisor offering the following services: Mergers and Acquisitions; Business Appraisal & Issuance of Fairness Opinion; Corporate Finance & Debt Restructuring; Operations Management; Investment and Pension Consulting Services; Project Financing; Monitoring and Evaluation; and Strategic and Business Plan Development. He is also the founder of Secure Pensions
Trust Limited, a licensed Corporate Pension Trustee in Ghana.

Mr. France is a Securities and Exchange Commission Licensed Investment Representative. He has significant experience in the financial, infrastructure, capital markets, telecommunications, health and hospitality sectors. He has assisted in the development of two power plants in Ghana with name capacity of 600MW (Amandi Energy Power Plant 200MW CCGT and Early Power Limited 400MW). He has
served on the Investment Committee of the Ghana Investment Infrastructure Fund.

Currently, Mr. France is the President of the Ghana Securities Industry Association and serves on the following Boards, Ghana Stock Exchange, Ghana Alternative Market, UT Life Insurance Company, Early Power Limited and Secure Pensions Trust Limited and Amandi Energy Power Plant.

Before 1997, Mr. France was a founder/partner of HRK Associates, Inc., a specialized financial consulting firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. As a principal of HRK, he arranged corporate finance and acquisition transactions in excess of US$2.3 billion. From 1987 to 1993, Mr. France was the Vice President and Director of Tax for AMF Industries, where he structured and participated in the acquisition of several multinational manufacturing and services businesses in twelve countries. From 1986 to 1987, he was a Senior Analyst at American International Group. Mr. France is a graduate of the Executive Program of Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia. He received his B.B.A. (Accounting) from Bernard Baruch College, New York.

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Ruka Sanusi

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Ruka Sanusi leads a pioneering clean tech business incubator in Ghana, housed at Ashesi University College and funded through a grant from the World Bank Group’s InfoDev Climate Technology Program. She is a skilled management consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of international consulting experience, and has served clients in 16 countries across Africa. Prior to joining GCIC, Sanusi founded a boutique business strategy consulting firm, Alldens Lane, which provided advisory services to women-owned and women-led businesses.

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Fatima Ali Mohammed

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Fatima Alimohamed is the CEO of African Brand Warrior is an African and Kenyan. At the Association of Ghana Industries, she sits in as the Vice Chair of the Agriculture Sector. She is an advocator for Africa and African brands with a solid background across African markets that leads her to change from boots to heels. Fatima is a thought leader in Strategy, Brand Development, Consumer Relationships and insights, NPD, Marketing and Communication. She earlier was GM and thereafter GM Commercial for Wilmar Africa in both the Palm and Shea Industry in West Africa and has been representing the industries in various positions and boards.
Fatima is known for recreating, rebranding and taking the Frytol brand that was bought over from Unilever by Wilmar to become Ghana’s Number 1 brand. She singlehandedly repositioned the brand and made it the pride of Ghana leading it to win local and international acclaim.
She has been the Chair of the Marketing Society of Kenya, Founder Marketing Society of Tanzania and Uganda, The Vice President CIM- Kenya plus a Member of various Marketing and Advertising Boards. She was with Bidco Oil Refineries and Bidco Uganda overseeing Marketing and Sales of leading brands in East Africa and was Regional Director for very powerful brands of MNC’s whist at Ayton Young & Rubicam. Fatima was honoured with the TOP 50 CMO’s Global award and the TOP 100 Most Talented Marketers Global Award. Fatima was recently honoured with the Mother of Ghana award for a social brand cause and was also stooled as the Queen Mother (Nkosohemaa) in Memia, Western Ghana for her role in social development in the area of women and children. She also drives the agenda for building Ghana as she sits on the committee of International trade relations at the AGI. She is also an avid writer in various publications and an astute speaker.
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Petra Aba Asamoah

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Petra Aba Asamoah is the General Manager, Commercial, for Media General Ghana Ltd, a media group, with TV3 Network Ltd as their most prominent brand.

Prior to joining the media group, she worked as General Manager for the Delta Air Lines GSA, leading the airline’s commercial teams in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote D’Ivoire.

An award winning sales professional, Petra was named as one of Ghana’s 50 most influential corporate women in 2016 and one of 30 emerging Ghanaian leaders set to shake the world.

She keeps a blog – petraasamoah.com.

She is a chartered marketer by profession with a post graduate diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK and holds an MPhil in Marketing from the University of Ghana Business School. She is an adjunct lecturer at Ashesi University College.

She volunteers in her local church – Christ Temple of the International Central Gospel Church as a hostess.

She is married to Samuel Sena Asamoah, an entrepreneur. The couple are blessed with two children.

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This one-day workshop is designed for people considering their first board position or seeking to add a new non-executive role to their portfolio.  It is a fast-paced workshop that will develop your knowledge about directorship and enhance your capability as a candidate, along with providing strategies for including board work in your career. This workshop is not just for beginners, it will provide valuable insights, motivation and inspiration even if you already have board experience.

The training programme is only 5 days away. If you are yet to sign up, here are 3 reasons why you should do so right away:

  • The workshop will enable young women and senior management executives to reach new levels of personal and professional confidence by broadening their impact and transforming their ability to affect organizational and social change.
  • Participants will attain a greater understanding of their personal strengths, have a clearer sense of the skill sets required in the boardroom and be equipped to be better at decision making at senior levels.
  • The rare opportunity to expand your network, meet and connect with senior business leaders whose experiences can transform your career.


Contact Wendy on 0561110444 for further details.




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Mother’s Day

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A mother’s legacy
5 Moms, 5 Questions, 5 Legacies
To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Executive Women Network is featuring five wonderful mother s to get their thoughts on how to go beyond today and make lasting impact on their children’s future

What has been the biggest lesson motherhood has taught you?

Emelia Ohene-Kena
MD of Royal Crown Packaging Ltd.

Motherhood has taught me to appreciate my mother even more because I now understand the sacrifices she had to make to raise me. I hope to leave my two children, Nikolia and Mayada a heart filled with JOY, LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR OTHERS.

Motherhood has taught me that people are truly diverse. Same household different people!

Lucy Quist
CEO of Airtel.

Has motherhood impacted you in any way?

Lucy Quist
CEO of Airtel.

I appreciate better how much my own parents shaped me. My children drive my passion to be a business leader who makes a positive difference to the world.

How do you manage your expectations for your child(ren) vis–à–vis their own ambitions?

Freda Duplan
CEO of Nestle Coastal Cluster
Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia

In the quest to guide your children to achieve their ambition be careful not to replace it with your expectations. It is important that we do not kill their passion.

What great advice/life lesson was given to you that you wish to pass on to your children?

Thelma Quaye
Networks Director,
Airtel Ghana

It’s ok to be themselves at all times

Do not to loose focus in one’s goals and to be a good listener and slow to speak

Maame Yaa Roberson
General manager of
Western Express & Logistics Ltd.

What legacy do you wish to leave for your children?

Maame Yaa Roberson
General manager of
Western Express & Logistics Ltd.

My legacy is to show them how to put God first in all they do. Have great love for human beings and treat each person as such

EWN Network NewsMother’s Day
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Executive Women Network celebrates first-year anniversary

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Accra, 20th April, 2017 – The Executive Women Network (EWN) has celebrated its first anniversary by recognizing the strides made by professional Ghanaian women leaders.

Speaking to the anniversary theme ‘The Rise of Women Leaders in Ghana’, Mrs. Freda Duplan, a founding member of EWN and Managing Director of Nestle Ghana said, “We are proud of the steps taken, in our first year, to lay down the foundation for exponential growth, influence and milestones in the coming years. Our first-year anniversary celebrates all Ghanaian female leaders and upcoming female leaders.

A shot from last year’s launch event

A shot from last year’s launch event

Launched a year ago, the Executive Women Network has made significant progress in changing the female leadership landscape in Ghana by connecting, empowering and promoting female leaders in private organizations.

According to EWN Executive members, Patience Akyianu, Lucy Quist, Pearl Esua-Mensah, Freda Duplan and Edith Dankwa, EWN continues to implement strategies designed to create increase awareness and visibility of the organisation and its works while executing a robust membership recruitment drive.

“We continue to work on bringing on board more like-minded women executive leaders; we acknowledge that Ghanaian female leaders are changing the landscape. Today we know more women who are leading in business and governance and the many more who have built and are still building businesses from scratch,” they added. The Executive Women Network will be that platform that will accelerate this growth so that gender parity can be taken off Ghana’s to-do list and we can develop this country in equality.”

Through its networking sessions and speaker series, EWN members have received among others, coaching on career advancement, work-life balance, self-promotion and advancement through social media and other self-improvement topics relevant for their growth from some of the finest speakers and business minds in the country.


EWN members present a cheque to SOS Children’s Village

Aside creating platforms for inspiration,empowerment and support, this ambitious group of women has taken up social initiatives by raising GHC 100,000 in support of the SOS Family Strengthening Programme which targets about one hundred children in the Chorkor and Osiem townships.

The organisation has been impressive in their drive to influence policies that will increase female representation in leadership roles in the country. EWN during its recent introductory visit with President Nana Akufo Addo assured him of their commitment and willingness to work with government to drive Ghana’s development agenda and increase female participation in his government.


President Akufo-Addo and members of the Executive Women Network

The Executive Women Network leaders reiterated their commitment to inspiring, empowering and supporting women in Ghana to increase their influence and participation in both local and international activities.





EWN Network NewsExecutive Women Network celebrates first-year anniversary
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Member Content

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Still, organizations that want the cost-savings and flexibility that cloud computing promises have little choice. There are still few official cloud standards governing the industry, so cloud contracts from different providers are difficult to compare side by side – and they can be riddled with pitfalls for uninformed customers.

That’s all due to change, albeit gradually, according to the Cloud Standards Customer Council. The user advocacy group gave a live webinar Thursday presenting its updated guide “Public Cloud Service Agreements: What to Expect and What to Negotiate Version 2.0.”

One of the speakers in the webinar, John Bruylant, founder of cloud services broker TheCloudTurbo, said there are a number of cloud industry developments regarding cloud service agreements, including the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 19086 and the Slalom project. Both aim at standardizing language used in cloud service contracts, terms of the agreements and the metrics cloud providers use to track services.

Another speaker, Mike Edwards, who works on cloud standards at IBM, said the portion of ISO 19086 laying out terminology standards on commitments to customers made by cloud service providers will be released in the next two months.

“Hopefully, that will help bring some consistency to different cloud service agreements and make it easier for customers to understand what they’re getting,” Edwards said.

The Cloud Standards Customer Council’s Claude Baudoin presents a list of pointers on understanding and evaluating cloud service agreements in this SearchCIO tip.
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jlunagar2003 — 5 Aug 2016 7:27 AM

The importance (and need) of standardisation for cloud SLAs (service level agreements) is evident, but equally important is the need to develop effective guidelines to support cloud customers willing to reap the full benefit of standards. This is particularly true for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which in many cases are neither cloud nor SLA experts. Only then, does every cloud have a silver lining.

A good example is the Common Reference Model, which we have developed as an EC-funded project under Horizon 2020. The Common Reference Model provides much-needed Cloud SLA guidelines that takes into account real-world SLAs (analysing more than 150 cloud SLAs), standards (including the draft ISO/IEC 19086-1/-2/-3/-4), best practices (e.g., Cloud Standards Customer Council’s), SME use cases, and cloud customers’ feedback.

Our in-depth analysis on relevant standards revealed a number of really important gaps. Standards such as the upcoming ISO/IEC 19086-1/-4 do not contain any reference related to essential elements that SLA-Ready has identified as significant means to empower/guide SMEs in their transition to the Cloud. For example, the advocated elements such as SLA findability, update/validity period, available languages, are still not addressed by the standards. The same situation occurs with known best practices such as the “Cloud SLA checklist” contained in the SMART EC report. These are just a couple of the shortcomings that emerged from our gap analysis.

The Common Reference Model sets out to fill these gaps by including “evident” elements that do not usually appear on standards (e.g. the easiness to find a SLA), but which are considered important for cloud customers. Many people are perhaps not aware that many cloud providers do not make their SLA publicly available, and only send it to the customer when it is time to sign the contract – much too late for the customer to plan their move to the cloud with careful consideration, and know what to expect, what to do and what to expect.

SLA-Ready has made its Common Reference Model publicly available, and will soon be offering free companion tools and repositories of SLAs to empower cloud customers in their journey to the cloud. These new tools complement the SLA-Ready Cloud Service Life Cycle, based on customer needs at different phases of a cloud service and with different levels of expertise, and the Business Hub.

For more information related to SLA-Ready please visit http://sla-ready.eu or contact us at [email protected]

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EWN Speaker Series – Worklife Balance

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Work-life balance is often an elusive concept for everyone these days. It seems like our lives are getting busier and our visions of productivity and peace are often interrupted by demands and obligations beyond our control.

Women have a special perspective on work-life balance, because they are often expected to fulfill a particularly demanding role at home and at work. Women are often expected to provide a lot of support in their relationships with their families (whether that’s in their role as a “mom”, “spouse” or “sister/daughter”) while also still feeling excited and energized to pursue their business and career goals.

Want to learn how to efficiently manage your work-life balance? Join us at the 2ndEWN Speaker Series on Wednesday 10th August 2016 at Golden Tulip Hotel. Our guest speakers for the program will be Dr. Ellen Hagan (CEO – L’aine Services) and Uncle Ebo Whyte (CEO – Roverman Productions).

RSVP & Payment (Mobile Money):056111044, 0202353097, 0547399743.

Rate: Members (GHC 100), Non Members (GHC 150)

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