Our Story

One evening, a group of top corporate women executives met at the Africa Regent Hotel to network. After having dinner and discussing common issues, they had an “aha moment” – with their influence, they can collectively be a force for good. A decision was made to form a networking group.

be a force for good

Today, EWN is the first of its kind in Ghana. EWN will be a home base for women to grow their professional skills and build important networks. Most importantly EWN is committed to a progressive approach of enabling women to achieve their professional goals, preparing them to become more resilient, authentic leaders and nurturing them to fulfill their personal dreams.

 Our founding members have created the story of the Executive Women Network, a legacy that we will continue to build on with each passing year with the addition of new members who will be taking actions that make a difference in the continuing development of our story line.

a legacy that we will continue to build

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